How does Arctica benefit the Themer / Designer?

Mobile & Tablet Ready

Arctica's configurator comes with a media query based layout framework that gives you control over the look of your website on every device. The easy to use configurator combined with advanced Skinr integration allows for quick and easy responsive design.

True to your Design

Arctica understands that grids are 2-dimensional and that white-space and gutter space are an important part of your design. While the grid system is flexible it supports fixed-width gutters. This ensures consistent ratios between horizontal to vertical gutter space.

Built like Drupal

Arctica is built for speed and flexibility. Arctica is coded according to Drupal conventions and even has its own module/hook system that allows for self-contained feature plugins that do tasks like adding CSS to and extending the configurator with theme settings.

Arctica Visual Bootstrap

Not every theme requires a unique design for tabbed menus or printed pages. Arctica comes with optional styling packages for system messages, navigation, print and forms to deliver out-of-the box styling that your client will love.

Turn off core css files

Arctica helps you get rid of those list images, floats and ill placed paddings and margins that Drupal core injects into your design. This puts control back in the hands of the themer.

Use CSS3 Today

Internet Explorer can render gradients, shadows and rounded corners. Thanks to the VML engine, IE has been capable of doing this since verion 5.5. Arctica's Future CSS feature leverages CSS3PIE to give you cross-browser CSS3 decoration.

How does Arctica benefit the Site builder & Webmaster?

Point and click Responsive Design

Not only does Arctica's advanced Skinr integration manage blocks, it gives you the power to override layout settings per media query. This allows you to simplify the layout for tablets and smartphones in order to provide an optimal experience for all your users.

Automatic 1, 2 or 3 columns Layout

The Arctica Layout Kit is aware of the block visibility rules and it will render sidebars only on pages where you want sidebar blocks to appear. This gives you the power to display different layouts within your website without having to even think about it.

SEO Optimized

We use heading tags semantically but without breaking on-page SEO rules. The HTML5 tags used in Arctica will give you benefit over HTML4 websites as search engines leverage the extra semantic meaning that is embedded in HTML5 documents.

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